As Texans reel in the aftermath of deadly winter weather, many in and outside of the Lone Star state are helping out or looking to help.

From GoFundMe campaigns to help repair the damaged buildings, to celebrities coming together to donate, small acts of kindness are happening in the state amid such uncertain times.

PHOTO: Houston Texans cheerleaders pack bags of peaches during the Houston Food Bank food distribution at NRG Stadium, Feb. 21, 2021, in Houston, Texas.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Houston Texans cheerleaders pack bags of peaches during the Houston Food Bank food distribution at NRG Stadium, Feb. 21, 2021, in Houston, Texas.

One of the ways kindness has been extended was to shoppers in Leander, Texas. When the power went out last week at an H-E-B grocery store as shoppers were stocking up on food, the store owner told shoppers to take their groceries home for free.

“That emotion of kindness and thoughtfulness unexpectedly made your heart melt in this frozen little world we lived in for a few minutes,” said Debbie Hennessy, a shopper at the grocery store that day.

Her husband, Tim Hennessey, posted about the moment on Facebook and wrote, “This is the America that I know … I salute H.E.B. for the kindness they showed us, the thoughtfulness they showed us, the generosity they showed us, and the caring that they showed us (along with the other hundreds of fellow Texans in the store at that time).”

Hollywood stars and professional athletes are also extending a helping hand to those in need in Texas. On Sunday, Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey announced that he and his wife, Camila McConaughey, will be working with the just keep livin’ foundation to put together a virtual benefit in the next two weeks “to help the long-term effort to rebuild the state and help those in need.”

McConaughey, who is from Texas, said he will also be providing information on his Instagram for how to keep safe during his time, how to find resources and more.

He also partnered with Heart Water, an Austin-based company owned by Michael Dadashi, who were quick to help and provide water to Dell Children's Hospital. Heart Water delivered a pallet of water to the hospital in collaboration with Women of Today, Camila McConaughey's organization, and provided an additional 7,000 bottles to Meals on Wheels with Mathew's just keep livin foundation.

In addition, athletes from the NFL’s Houston Texans Defensive End Charles Omenihu and the NBA’s Indiana Pacers player Myles Turner are donating money to those in need.

For Turner who is also a Texas native, the National Basketball Players Association is matching his donation after a disgruntled fan demanded on social media that the basketball star send $100 over Venmo.

“Since I’ve been in the league, I’ve had a lot of people talk their fair share of crap at me whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,” said Turner during an interview with the NBA on their website. “I have never seen anybody have the audacity to talk mess through Venmo, a financial app. That was ridiculous to me. [It] was hilarious. He venmoed me once, he requested a hundred dollars … I ignored it.”

But when Turner said the fan requested money two more times, Turner venmoed him a penny and wrote, “Here’s a penny for your thoughts.”

Many who saw the interaction started venmoing Turner a penny back, which Turner said he’d match in donations.

“All those pennies or two cents in a matter of hours added up to 230 dollars just like that,” said Turner, who as of Saturday was at $12,235, which will be going to relief efforts. “I’m going to make sure it goes to good use.”

In addition to Turner’s efforts, simple acts of kindness have been extended to those in Texas virtually.

In the past week alone, Google searches relating to donating to help Texas have soared to more than 5,000% since the deadly storms began.

If you’re in a position to help, here are a few organizations and agencies that you can donate to.