New parents, rejoice! Now you can sing your little one to sleep to the tune of Justin Timberlake, Sublime, The Beastie Boys, Adele and more -- what a time to be alive! Los Angeles-based music label Rockabye Baby! creates baby-friendly tunes of the hottest songs on the charts across the pop and rock music genres. First debuting with Metallica in 2006, the collection has grown to nearly 100 albums, giving parents some peace of mind as they rock, literally, their baby to sleep.

Vice President and Creative Director of Rockabye Baby!'s parent label, Lisa Roth, tells us it all started on a hunt for a baby shower gift for a friend who loved music.

The result: she couldn't find a single thing! She tells us she wanted something with "a sense of humor [and] a little irony" -- Rockabye Baby! was birthed, and Roth was now in the music-making business for babies. To Roth, Rockabye Baby! isn't only a "baby product that appeals to parents, it's a baby product that appeals to dads," which is a real win. She adds "we want to provide parents with something familiar and nostalgic that they can also share with their little ones."

With nearly 100 albums already produced, the group just announced they are now adding Lady Gaga to their collection with the release of "Rockabye Baby, Lullaby Renditions of Lady Gaga" coming September 21, 2018. This album is sure attract the littlest of monsters and their parents, alike. Here's a GMA First-Look at the track listing for their upcoming Lady Gaga renditions album, plus a special early release of "Poker Face":

1. Born This Way2. The Edge of Glory3. Bad Romance4. Poker Face5. Just Dance6. Alejandro7. Paparazzi8. Telephone9. Perfect Illusion10. Applause11. You and I12. Million Reasons