If there is anyone who promotes body positivity, it's definitely supermodel Ashley Graham.

After posting an alluring photo on Instagram showing off her amazing curves in a "teeny weenie" swimsuit, Graham's fans went wild, and many pointed out their admiration for the confidence she exudes.

"I wish I’d had your self-love when I was your age," wrote @kerrythomson21.

"Took me too many years to appreciate my body that was/is like yours! You are such an inspiration," she continued.

As amazing as Graham looks in her swimsuit photos, she told "Good Morning America" that it's "hard to have a vulnerable moment with people who follow you on Instagram."

But, Graham advises to just go for it.

"There's nothing that's going to hurt you by posting or taking off that cover-up," she said. "Just remember that it's your body, you make the rules and you're the one who has the full reign over it...nobody else."

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Graham has sound advice for those looking for tips on how to find swimsuits that flatter their curves, too. She advises that two key things to look for are supportive tops and something that covers your bottom.

"I like a high cut on my leg because it makes my legs look longer," she said. "I also feel like high-waisted bottoms make me look bigger. I like smaller bottoms with a little more coverage."

On top of embracing her own body confidence and empowering others to do the same, Graham also takes pride in keeping wellness and fitness a top priority.

Between posing for photoshoots, modeling for huge campaigns, and finding the motivation to get to the gym, Graham claims Olly Daily Energy vitamins are her go-to. "I take these because there is no caffeine in it," she says.

"It's just goji berries, CoQ10, vitamin B12, and you get a little extra boost where you don't feel jittery. Your heart isn't racing."