What happens when a major cosmetics company and popular blow-dry bar join forces? A volumizing mascara that's blowing beauty enthusiasts away.

At the end of July, It Cosmetics and Drybar announced the birth of Lash Blowout Salon Volume Lift Mascara.

The new launch is packaged in gray and yellow packaging that mimics the look of the signature barrel blowout brushes from Drybar.

The wands are formulated with nourishing ingredients such as biotin, vitamin E, collagen, jojoba oil, and palm oil -- which all contribute to keeping eyelashes strong and healthy.

Based on instrumental and consumer panel studies, the new launch claims that 93% of testers said that after trying it, their eyelashes looked voluminous all day and did not flake.

It Cosmetics posted a video on Instagram demonstrating a helpful tip to use when applying their new mascara: "Sweep the brush up and through your lashes, slightly rotating your wand forward and away from your face as you reach the tips to 'set' your volume!"

Anneke Knot, assistant beauty editor at Real Simple and Health Magazine, also posted how she uses the mascara on Instagram, mentioning, "It is truly a blowout...for your lashes."

Throughout the past few weeks, the brand has partnered with top beauty bloggers and other industry insiders who captured amazing before and after shots as well that really show how dramatically different your eyelashes look after using.

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Could this be the next big beauty cult favorite? Only time will tell.