At 14, Reuben de Maid is already taking the beauty world by storm.

With his makeup tutorials and glam pictures, he's gained more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and more than 200,000 on YouTube.

U.K.-based cosmetics company W7 just announced Reuben as its new brand ambassador.

Together they are bringing more diversity to the community so that everyone can feel comfortable wearing makeup.

Despite having a successful career in beauty, Reuben is still in school and loves to sing.

He sat down for an interview with "Good Morning America" to dish on his favorite products and what it's like being a male in the female-focused industry.

This interview has been condensed and edited.

When did you start doing makeup?

I started doing makeup when I was scrolling through YouTube videos, and I was really bored and I came across, like, DIY videos, and then I started watching DIY Foundation. So I made my own foundation using my mom's bronzer and her moisturizer and thinking it would be the best product in the world. It wasn't, but under that video there was a recommended for all makeup tutorials and beauty gurus. And then I like discovered this like whole world of makeup.

What’s it like being a male in this community?

There aren't a lot of boys in beauty. It has been on the rise and it has been getting better for boys in beauty.

If you're a guy wanting to get into makeup it is a bit harder because it’s out of that norm.

Now I'm with W7, doing the "Here Come the Boys" campaign. They’re really going to bring diversity to the makeup world and make sure that everyone gets a fair chance with that boy or girl and we're all equal.

I am hoping that this campaign will bring diversity and equality to makeup, to genders and makeup, and I think there shouldn't be any boundaries because it's kind of like art.

What YouTubers do you watch?

When I was learning makeup a couple of years ago, I would watch NikkieTutorials as my main one. Jeffree Star, Patrick Star, Tati Westbrook ... there's so many people.

How often do you do your makeup?

I probably do makeup at least a couple of times a week. I mean, I am in school in the day and I don't do makeup for that. So I don't normally do makeup when I get home, but always on the weekends and some nights. I mean, it depends what I'm doing if I'm in the mood.

Do you do other people’s makeup?

My friends always ask me to do their makeup and when we go somewhere, I'm doing everyone's makeup and then I'm the last to get ready and I look the worst. But no, I like it I like because I think I'm used to my face. It gets boring. So when I get to other people's makeup, I get to look at a new face.

Is there such a thing as too much highlight?

I mean there's never too much. Unless someone can see you from space, it's not enough in my opinion.

What do you watch while doing your makeup?

I always listen to Netflix or I watch YouTube. If I really want my makeup to look good, I'll watch a makeup tutorial when I'm doing my makeup. I love watching Scott Barnes' tutorials.

Do you want to pursue a singing career as well?

I love singing. I always have. I definitely want to do loads of singing as well as makeup.

What’s your advice for other people who want to be in this industry?

I think if you really want to get into doing makeup or doing beauty online, I think just post lots of pictures of your makeup. Once a day or three times a day, like ten times a day if you really want to, you know, just so you can really, like, expand what kind of makeup you do and get started rather than, like, just having a couple posts. I think having more posts is better because people can see more of a variety of your work.

How was it meeting Kim Kardashian?

She was so stunning and gorgeous. That was really funny because everyone always asked me afterwards, like was it staged. And I was like, no, I wish it was. I think I was so cringing on that. But you know, that was so amazing.

Is there anyone else you’d love to meet?

Beyoncé. I will actually faint on the floor like I think anyone would if they met her.