Mattel, maker of Barbie, has had one Michigan-based girl smiling from ear-to-ear -- for a really great reason.

Nevaeh Woods, 9, is an aspiring professional fashion designer who has a special knack for putting her Barbie dolls in stylish looks.

After her mother, Sha'Kvia Woods, noticed her daughter creating cute clothes and hair accessories out of old socks, they did a photoshoot to capture her designs that have since gone viral on Facebook with over 6,000 likes and 8,000 shares.

"Nevaeh has always been a sassy fashionista," Sha'Kvia told "GMA". "Her interest in Barbie dolls began at age 5. She would always carry a Barbie doll around with her trying her best to match the dolls's clothing with her outfit for the day."

Shortly after the photoshoot garnered many followers, friends and fans, it also captured the attention of Barbie's social media team and they advised Sha'Kvia that they would like to send Nevaeh a special package.

Sha'Kvia explains how excited Nevaeh was when she found out the news: "She wouldn't stop talking about it to anybody who would listen. She was dancing around the entire house screaming 'Dream do come true!'"

"It gave her the confidence boost she needed to get back to work creating more designs," Sha'Kvia adds. "Nevaeh currently creates her designs with scissors, socks and a hot glue gun. She's also determined to learn how to sew ... that's the next big item on her to-do list."

Nevaeh was ecstatic when the box arrived, and when she opened it she found a note that read: "We heard you love designing clothes, here's a couple of new editions to add to your collection. Always remember, you can be anything."

It also had a variety of Barbie dolls for her to enjoy.

Nevaeh posted a video on Instagram thanking Barbie's team for the gifts.

"I can't wait to open them up, and play with them," she says.

Sha'Kvia says that most of Nevaeh's design inspirations stem from the leading ladies in her life.

"Nevaeh would watch on as her grandmothers and I got ready to go out on the town," says Sha'Kvia. "She would give approval of outfits she liked with a smile and a thumbs up."

Since catching the eyes of Mattel, Nevaeh has continued to create more designs for her Barbies.

"When she puts her mind to something she is unstoppable," says Sha'Kvia.

"I'm so grateful for the outpour of support and encouraging words she has been receiving," she continued. "It's confirmation that she is exactly where she needs to be, doing exactly what she has been called to do ... which is also inspiring people of all ages to follow their dreams."