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French fry and Big Mac manicures? McDonald's debuts 1st-ever beauty collaboration

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Have you ever asked for a French manicure only to suddenly get a craving for a hot order of fresh, salty french fries? OK, maybe not, but McDonald's hopes to inspire food and beauty fans to swap out that white swipe of polish atop an almond-shaped set for the iconic Golden Arches or ketchup-red polish with its first-ever beauty collaboration.

The fast food chain debuted its partnership with Nails.INC on Tuesday featuring four new products that are perfect for a Big Mac lovers' next manicure.

Nails.INC, McDonald's
The new McDonald's Nails.INC collaboration of polishes, artificial sets and toppers.

McDonald's nail polish and artificial nail collaboration with Nails.INC

Would you flaunt your love of fast food with your nails? Now's your chance to give it a try.

Nails.INC, McDonald's
The fry-shaped Nails.INC and McDonald’s Nail Polish Duo kit with press on stickers.

First up, the Nails.INC x McDonald's Nail Polish Duo, inspired by one of McDonald's most iconic menu items: fries. The fry-shaped package includes a single bottle of red Nails.INC nail polish in the shade "Gotta Ketchup," plus fun fast food stickers to top any McDonald's manicure with burgers, fries, or the signature Golden Arches. The set is available online at Nails.INC and Amazon, and will be hitting Target stores next month for $8.99.

Nails.INC, McDonald's
The Nails.INC and McDonald’s Mini Nail Polish Duo comes with "Big Mac Please" brown polish and "Gotta Ketchup" red.

The McDonald's Mini Nail Polish Duo comes in a burger-shaped package with two mini nail polish bottles in the colors "Big Mac Please" -- a burger-brown shade -- and "Gotta Ketchup" red.

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The set, which costs the same as the above product, also includes the burger, fries and McDonald's arches stickers.

Nails.INC, McDonald's
The "I speak French" artificial nail set from Nails.INC and McDonald's.

The third item from the collaboration is a set of artificial, press-on nails perfect for French manicure and french fry fans that comes in packaging inspired by McDonald's signature brown bag. This set includes 30 medium almond-shaped artificial nails in a classic nude shade, plus a selection of fries-print nails for $6.99.

Nails.INC, McDonald's
The new Nails.INC and McDonald's shimmering gold heart polish.

Last but not least, Nails.INC created a McDonald's Gold Hearts Topper Polish that the brands created with the chain's famous fast food slogan -- "I'm lovin' it" -- in mind. The polish is available at the same online and in-store retailers for $8.00.