Style August 10, 2022

Christie Brinkley shows off in radiant makeup-free video

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Christie Brinkley is showing off her natural glow, and fans are loving it!

The iconic 68-year-old model posted a video wearing nothing but towels wrapped around her body and head -- and without a stitch of makeup.

"I don't know how they talked me into doing this, but here I am," said Brinkley at the beginning of the clip.

She continued by showing a glimpse of her morning beauty routine, which includes using her SBLA Instant Facial Sculpting Wand around her eyes and throughout high points of her face. Brinkley also noted that her wand product helps to even out skin tone.

"As you can see, I have a lot of sun damage," said Brinkley. "I love the great outdoors. I grew up a surfer girl in Malibu, and from there I became a model and I was on every other beach in the world posing in a bathing suit with the instructions 'go get a tan.'"

For the second part of Brinkley's routine, she used the SBLA Neck Chin and Jawline Wand. "Too much sun causes skin to lose elasticity," she captioned the video. Adding, "Powerful peptides in the wand help tighten and lift."

To close the video, the model said that she would be applying her sunblock and foundation.

Since posting, Brinkley's video has received thousands of views with many people commenting on how great her skin looks.

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"You are gloriously beautiful even with completely bare skin," said one user. "Makeup optional skin is the goal and you are there. You are my role model for healthy and active living!"

Another chimed in saying, "First of all lady, you are indeed like a fine wine! I'm turning 55 this month and I am definitely going to try these products. Can't wait to give them a go!"

Brinkley captioned the video affirming "these wands do have some magic of their own!"

During the pandemic, Brinkley became a brand ambassador and spokesperson for SBLA after being introduced to the company's sculpting wands. Based on the results, she contacted the brand and their partnership was born.