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This couple in their 70s is winning the internet with their 'outfit of the day' videos

WATCH: This elderly couple is winning the internet with their outfit videos

A Southern California couple in their 70s have swiftly become Instagram and TikTok hits, captivating audiences with heartwarming fashion videos that embody their love and timeless style.

Aki Kim, 71, and Koichi Suzuki Kim, 73, have over 600,000 followers on Instagram who watch their "outfit of the day" videos, complete with their signature fashion twirl and Golden Retriever by their side. The couple's videos radiate warmth and happiness -- a feeling they say they hope to instill in their followers each day by posting videos every morning.

"Every morning when we post, it brightens our day," Aki told "Good Morning America," expressing joy and satisfaction at the comments and reaction from their viewers.

"Seeing them keeps us smiling throughout the day," Aki said.

Their journey to love and fashion

Their journey to love began when Koichi came to Los Angeles to study martial arts.

"My master knew this girl and introduced her to me," Koichi said.

"We met in Little Tokyo," Aki said. "It was in 1974, more than 45 years ago."

The couple were friends for 12 years before they got married. Now, they have been married for over 30 years and have a daughter and son.

Fashion has always been important to their relationship, the couple said.

"I was always interested in fashion in Japan," Koichi recalled. "But when I came to the U.S., I was so poor I couldn't afford clothes. My focus was on studying."

Aki's love for fashion began early, marked by a pursuit of unique styles that highlighted her individuality. Fashion was also central to their bond as a couple, but it wasn't their immediate priority.

"We always talked about fashion because we were foreign students at the time," Aki reflected. "We needed to succeed first in America before we considered fashion."

Yuri Kim
Aki and Koichi attended son's wedding in 2017 in Los Angeles, CA.
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'Life is beautiful'

Collaborating on their videos has deepened their connection, turning it into a true family affair.

"We've always been a close-knit family, but doing these videos together has brought us even closer," Aki explained. This includes even their family's golden retriever who joins in by performing the couple's signature fashion twirl.

Because of their newfound reach on social media, the couple says they have reconnected with old friends and acquaintances from decades past and had people from across the globe comment on their content.

"We had no idea it would resonate with so many people," Aki said. "We've had people from Japan and Europe reach out to us after seeing our videos. It's incredible to share our joy with them."

Yuri Kim
As newlyweds, Koichi sees Aki off at LAX airport for a business trip to Japan.

As they continue their journey on social media, Aki and Koichi remain committed to spreading joy and positivity.

"We'll keep doing this as long as it brings happiness to people," Aki said. "That's all that matters."

"The message is life is beautiful," Koichi said.

"Life is short so why don't you have a good time," Aki added.