Broadway stars are taking the stage, virtually, to raise awareness for the countless members of the theater community hit hard by venue closures and show cancellations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

For so many across the nation, no shows means no paychecks.

The #BWayHandWashChallenge calls for Broadway stars to choose a theater charity, sing a show tune while washing their hands for 20 seconds (the recommended amount of time suggested by the CDC), and then nominate three other members of the Broadway community to do it next. "It's like the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' but with warmer water," according to Theater Mania, a source for theater listings and tickets, which launched the challenge.

Many of the performers are calling on people to support the Actors Fund, an organization that provides emergency financial assistance, affordable housing, health care, insurance counseling, senior care and more to members of the performing arts community. Founded in 1882, the Actors Fund serves not just actors, but anyone in film, theater, television, music, opera, radio and dance, through programs that address the community's unique and essential needs. The organization has been pivotal in assisting the performing arts community in dire situations like this one.

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