Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell shared some details about the highly anticipated upcoming film "Frozen 2" during an appearance on "Good Morning America" Tuesday.

The actresses, who play everyone's favorite sisters from Arendelle, Elsa and Anna, said they felt they were in "really good hands" for the first musical sequel ever by Disney.

"We love our recipe and the creative team, and we were excited to get back in the room with them," Menzel said. "They might have felt like there was a lot on their shoulders, but we trust them a lot."

The film will feature seven new songs, including Menzel's "Into the Unknown," which might even rival the famous hit "Let It Go."

"I sang them on a good day which means really they were really high notes... it's going to be so hard on the day when I have a cold, and I have to go sing it somewhere," she said with a laugh.

The Tony Award-winning singer also called "Let It Go" "a great gift in my life."

"I get to sing it all over the world," she said. "I get to see little kids like this and sing it with them and be reminded of how important it is to sing a song about self-empowerment and how cool we are as young women."

Bell said that her daughters Delta, 4, and Lincoln, 6, loved the film.

"I remember a specific moment towards the end where something happens, and my 4-year-old, she had her knees up and she had her hands towards the screen like she was in the southern Baptist church ... then something happens and she just went, 'Oh, my god!' And I was like, 'Nailed it!'" the actress shared.

"They loved 'Frozen' but don't like the fact that I'm in 'Frozen.' I think it's in your DNA to reject your parent, right?" she added.

Bell also spoke about how she uses Anna and Elsa as a parenting technique with her daughters.

"When I see that look in their eye, which is often, where they're about to wring each other's necks, I just go, 'Hmm, what would Elsa and Anna do here? Do you think they would pinch and kick each other?' They're able for a moment to go, they probably wouldn't. Sometimes they still do it but it's -- sometimes it works," she said.

Menzel and Bell sid the "Frozen" family is as close as ever on and off the screen.

"It's sort of a replica of what you see on screen because I personally feel like Idina is my sister, Jonathan [Groff] is my boyfriend and Josh [Gad] is my son," Bell said with a laugh.

"We feel this camaraderie because we built something we're really proud of, and it's just nice to be in a room with everyone creating something that's become such a huge deal," Menzel added. "We're proud of that."

Part of that creation process will be explored during the "Inside Frozen 2" podcast from ABC Audio, hosted by "GMA's" Ginger Zee.

Bell also spoke about another show she is executive producing and hosting, "Encore!" In the Disney+ show, former high school musical cast mates are reunited to perform their original musical in just six days.

"It's incredible, and I will say I've been proud of a lot of work I've done -- I don't know that I've done anything that makes me this proud," Bell said, adding that it's, "so heartfelt."

She said the age range varies for participants in the reality series.

"We have casts that are millennials who haven't seen each other in five years," she explained. "We have casts that are baby boomers who haven't seen each other in 45 years."

"There is something absolutely electric about watching people reintroduce themselves to people they already know having shed the labels of high school," she added. "They're making amends and saying things they wish they had said. They're finding love again. It's like time travel."

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