Selena Gomez opened up about her love life in an intimate interview with Genius as she broke down the motivations behind her song "Rare."

While speaking the lyrics out loud, the 27-year-old explained the thought process behind each sentence. She also spoke candidly about how her relationship with fans has changed over the years.

"I used to be extremely personal, one-on-one," said the "Lose You to Love Me" singer. "But the truth is, I have to take care of myself and take care of my mind."

Despite scaling back on vulnerability and intimacy with fans, the singer still finds ways to connect with them.

"Rare" -- which is also the name of her recent album -- is loaded with emotionally charged bombs. The song opens with the lines, "Baby, you've been so distant from me lately / And lately don't even want to call you 'baby.'" Selena reveals that's about coming from a "point of exhaustion" where the "relationship has run its course."

When it comes to the chorus -- "Why don't you recognize I'm so rare?" -- Gomez says that is coming from a place of self-esteem and confidence, "which is a constant struggle for me."

"What I think is so important about this chorus is that it's acknowledging" that she's not perfect, "but I do know that I'm special."

And then there's the lyrics "I'm not going to beg for you/ I'm not gonna let you make me cry." That's about how some people purposefully put down a romantic partner to "keep that person down" so they never realize they're strong enough to leave.

Gomez says that lyric is her acknowledging that she can walk away because "there's a someone for everybody."