Tabitha King is an accomplished author, mother and philanthropist.

The "Pearl," "One on One" and "Caretakers" novelist is also Stephen King's wife. But that's not a role that she feels she should be solely defined by.

Wife is a relationship or status. It is not an identity.

King recently expressed her disapproval of how she was portrayed by some media outlets after she and her husband made a donation to the New England Historic Genealogical Society through their foundation.

In a series of messages on Twitter, posted to her husband's account, she criticized how women are sometimes labeled in the media.

"My wife is rightly pissed by headlines like this: 'Stephen King and his wife donate $1.25M to New England Historic Genealogical Society,'" he tweeted. "The gift was her original idea, and she has a name: TABITHA KING. Her response follows."

"Dear Editors (married to a wife or a husband): In recent media coverage of a gift that my husband (ironic usage) and I made to the New England Historical and Genealogical Society, we became Stephen King and his wife," King wrote, as shown in a tweet posted to her husband's account. "Wife is a relationship or status. It is not an identity."

"You could have made other choices," she continued. "You could have referred to me as OfStephen. Or His Old Lady. Or His-Ball-And-Chain."

"I have sons. You could have referred to me as Mother-of-Novelists," she added. "I have a daughter but wouldn't it be just silly to refer to me as Mother-of-Clergy?"

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"I'm seventy. I thought I would give you permission, if 'OfTabitha' predeceases me, to title my obituary, Relick of Stephen King."

"In the meantime, you might consider the unconscious condescension in your style book, and give women their names," she finished.

Her message was met with praise from many, and several even took the opportunity to spin some headlines of their own.

"'Tabitha King donates 1.25M to New England Historic Genealogical Society. Mrs. King lives with a small dog and a husband,'" one user tweeted.

"'Tabitha King, acclaimed novelist, and husband donate to New England Historic Genealogical Society,'" a user added.

"Tabitha King is married?" another person joked.

The president of the New England Historic Genealogical Society thanked the couple for their charitable donation and commended King for her tremendous work.

"The transformative gift from authors Tabitha and Stephen King has generated an outpouring of well wishes," NEHGS president and CEO Brenton Simons said, according to a tweet.

"We are particularly grateful to Tabitha King, who is also an expert genealogist, for inspiring our work and for making this tremendously generous gift possible," another message posted to their account read.