A Texas dad who rocks out with his infant on TikTok is the sweetest thing you'll see today.

Marcel Desobeau, a firefighter paramedic and musician, drums with his 7-month-old daughter Lane in viral videos. The duo uses drumsticks on Lane's high chair tray and posts the footage on the TikTok page, "Heavy Metal Baby."

"We decided to start filming first one was Slipknot, 'All Out Lies.' We woke up the next day and it eventually reached half a million views," mom Liz Desobeau told "Good Morning America." "We said we will keep making videos because Lane loves it."

Marcel Desobeau said he's been playing several instruments in bands since he was 13 years old. So far, he and Lane have drummed to dad's favorite groups like Metallica, Disturbed, System of a Down, Rush and more. Some band members and their families have even commented on the videos, the Desobeaus said.

Marcel Desobeau said he and his wife enjoy making the videos and seeing Lane smile throughout.

"She's just so amazing," Marcel Desobeau said of his child. "We didn't know we needed her until we had her. She's been such a blessing and we love her to death."