A morning meteorologist's toddler crashing her live broadcast is reminding parents that no one is exempt from the pandemic work-life "balance."

ABC7's Leslie Lopez was reporting the weather from her home in Los Angeles, California, on Jan. 8 when her 9-month-old son, Nolan, made an unexpected cameo.

Lopez said Nolan recently learned how to walk and decided to show off his skills at 5:40 a.m. while all of America watched.

"For the first time ever, he's pulled himself up from sitting to standing," Lopez told "Good Morning America." "On one hand, I'm so proud of him...and I'm so glad he didn't face-plant on live television."

Lopez said she's been reporting solo from home without a crew amid COVID-19. Her broadcasts feed over to the studio.

Lopez's colleague, ABC7 news anchor Brandi Hitt, shared Nolan's big appearance on Twitter where many parents applauded Lopez's poise.

"What you have here is a peeling back of the curtain. Mothers have always been superwomen. You can just see it up close now," one wrote.

"This was a relief to see," another tweeted. "Mom didn't miss a beat either."

Lopez said she's happy people are enjoying the very real moment and is grateful for the outpouring of support from viewers and loved ones.