An Ohio dad is getting love on Twitter after allowing his daughters test out their beautician skills using him as the canvas.

Brad Cubbie of Dayton, told "Good Morning America" that his viral moment happened after he gifted his girls Khloe, 10 and Braleigh, 6, a makeup kit for Christmas.

"I'd tell them, 'You don't need makeup. You're so pretty without it.' -- just being a dad," Cubbie said. "And their mom, said, 'It's just for fun.'"

Cubbie said his youngest, Braleigh, was the one who asked permission to make up daddy's face.

"I thought it was going to be a little blush, but she was serious," Cubbie said.

Cubbie shared the hilarious results on Twitter where over half a million liked the photo and 36,000 retweeted it.

Other dads began posting their own selfies in response to Cubbie -- showing off their children's hair and makeup skills.

"To see how many people it's reached and how many dads ... it's become a thread people really enjoy," said Cubbie, who is also dad to 4-year-old Kanen.

Cubbie said the movement inspired him to make an Instagram page @bcube40 to document the girls' adventures.

He added that Khloe and Braleigh look up to their mom, Amber Burns, who is the stylish one in the family.