Parents participating in one mom's TikTok challenge are highlighting those funny but true moments that often come with having children.

Gwenna Laithland, creator of the website Momma Cusses, asked her 360,000 followers to respond to the following: "Tell me you have kids ... without telling me you have kids."

Laithland, a mother to a 13-year-old and 2-year-old twins, said she wanted to relay to moms and dads that "you're not alone."

"I think modern moms aren't supposed to talk about the human stuff, the hard stuff," Laithland of Noble, Oklahoma, told "Good Morning America." "It's supposed to be Instagram perfect and that's not what it is. We wish it was."

Laithland's first video showed how she decorated her home for Christmas with destructive toddlers in mind.

Soon, thousands of parents joined in on the fun.

"There's one mom who shared her empty wallet. One showed her bustline was a little droopier than she experienced in her 20s," Laithland said.

Other parents shared candid remarks on Laithland's TikTok page.

"I found an apple with one [bite] in it, in my boot," one parent wrote.

"I haven't had a peaceful poop since 2008," another said.

Laithland called it a "mission-accomplished moment" after seeing how her challenge had parents lifting each other up.