A grocery store employees whose Facebook post has been shared hundreds of thousands of times wants to thank the person who originally authored it.

But Roy Allen Stagg, who works at the Walmart in Peoria. Arizona, doesn't know who it is.

"It just struck a chord with me, so I posted it," Stagg told "Good Morning America." "I would so love to thank the individual personally."

It reads in part:

"My team is exhausted. My team is scared of getting sick. My team is human and do not possess an antivirus ... they are in just as much danger as you are. The next time you are in a grocery store, please pause and think about what you are saying and how you are treating the people you encounter. They are the reason you are able to buy toilet paper, sanitizer, milk, eggs and meat."

Stagg told "GMA," "That's exactly what we go through all the time."

"The response was so overwhelming with people sharing so many stories about their experiences with rude customers and how they felt for the cashiers and clerks at the stores they shop at, and employees of other stores saying they were so grateful someone finally said something." he said.

Even if he never finds the original author, Staggs is so grateful to him or her for writing it. It's made a differance in his work life and others.

"I already feel a difference in the atmosphere in the store where I work," Stagg said. "Customers are much kinder, more considerate, and even expressing gratitude and thanks for our hard work. And, that makes our job, the hard work, and the risks we are taking working with the public during this pandemic so much more worth it! Honestly, I find myself looking forward to going to work now."