One mom is getting creative in taking on her 2-year-old picky eater by disguising meals as fast food treats.

Lauren Jorgensen of Long Island, New York, said her son Weston used to be a "fabulous" eater. But as toddlers do, Weston started getting fussy when it came to trying new foods.

"Even food he used to like he's no longer interested in," Jorgensen told "Good Morning America." "I've tried to sneak veggies in, smoothies, add sprinkles, cut it into fun shapes -- the answer is always the same, 'No. I don't want to, Mama.'"

Like many children, Weston became a "chicken nuggets and french fries" kid. Jorgensen went out and bought a variety of finger food chicken, including plant-based nuggets

"After trying to feed him and healthier foods were not an option, I'll take all the protein I could get," she admitted.

One day, Jorgensen didn't have time to cook or shop, so she stopped at McDonald's for a quick bite. She picked up a chicken nuggets meal for Weston.

"Soon, I realized my fatal mistake because now he doesn't want any other nuggets unless they were McDonald's nuggets," she added.

Jorgensen came up with a plan to stow away Happy Meal boxes. When Weston is having a day of picky eating, she distracts him and takes out her secret stash.

Jorgensen cuts up apples just the way the fast food restaurant does. She then adds plant-based nuggets and if Weston finishes, she gives him a side of fries.

Jorgensen said she was inspired to share her "McDonald's dupe" after more than 800,000 TikTok users viewed a video of her trying to feed her toddler a waffle with yogurt.


Trying to get your toddler to eat just a little bit more then just carbs ##momsoftiktok ##pickyeater @travito5711

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"Every day it's up in the air and as a parent, you want your kids to eat," Jorgensen said. "If he sees it in the little red box of happiness, maybe he'll be willing to try."

Jorgensen shared her hack with Facebook mom groups where parents applauded her idea.

Jorgensen said she only employs "the dupe" when Weston is refusing food alternatives. Next time she needs it, Jorgensen said she'll be incorporating grapes and carrot sticks.