If there's anything the majority of parents can agree upon in these divisive times, it's this: Remote learning is hard.

In the spirit of making it a bit easier, one teacher's viral post is doing just that.

It turns out with the touch of a few keys, your kid's Chromebook can have a split screen, allowing them to be on a meeting and look at their work at the same time.

Carol Cleaver, the Florida teacher who posted the viral photo, told "Good Morning America" she saw the hack on another page: Bitmoji Classroom.

Her post has been shared almost 30,000 times.

"They can look at the material I am presenting and they can have me on camera and work on an assignment all at the same time," Cleaver told "GMA." "Teaching remotely requires a lot of multi-tasking on the student side and the teacher side. It's hard for them to learn if they can only have one window open at a time."