You know how your kids are always getting toothpaste all over the counter and mirror? Melissa Pateras does too.

"During quarantine and isolation, I have spent more time with my kids than ever before," she told "Good Morning America." "With everyone home all of the time, I was finding it difficult to keep up with the constant mess and trail of seemingly endless toys, clothing and food remnants."

So she decided to make a video about what would happen if adults did the same thing kids do every single day.

The Ontario, Canada, mom of three kids - 17, 15 and 7 - touched on the way they kick the back of the seat in your car, the way they fill every cup to the brim and use way, way more toilet paper than necessary.

The video has since been shared almost 600,000 times.

"I thought it might be fun to post a video for my friends and family to have a laugh and to know that they weren’t alone," she said. "That we are all struggling and that it’s OK. We have to laugh at it. A few hours after I posted it, my phone began to light up with notifications. I was completely shocked!! I couldn’t believe how many people were watching it and sharing it. It was completely unbelievable."

The scene that gets the most feedback, she said, is the one with the toothpaste on the mirror.

"How on earth there can be that much toothpaste on a mirror every single day," she said.

Her kids found the video as funny as the millions who've watched it.

"After they watched it, they realized that they do in fact do those things! All of them," Pateras said. "It was just our way of having fun during this difficult time and also a distraction for all of us. Kids are worried and asking lots of questions so I have tried to just make the best of all of this. We laugh so much at our house and it has helped. I’m so happy that it has given people a smile and a laugh because that was the point."