A little girl belting popular Selena songs in the car with her dad is getting love from millions.

Maliya Kabs sang "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" and "Como La Flor"-- two hits from the late Mexican-American singer. Tay Kabs shared the video on his YouTube page, The Kabs Family, where it was viewed more than two million times.

"She loves Selena because her mum is such a fan," Tay Kabs of London, England, told "GMA." "She's grown up with her music playing around the house and [her mother] Chan singing to the classics. It's become part of her childhood because music brings us so much joy as a family."

In the video, Maliya recites words she's learned in Spanish and Portuguese before singing Selena's tunes.

WATCH: This 4-year-old is the cutest mini Selena fan ever!

VIDEO: This 4-year-old is the cutest mini Selena fan ever!
Jam out with Maliya Kabs, as she sings some of the late singer's top hits. Plus, hear Maliya's favorite hobby aside from singing and dancing...it's just a tad mischievous!

Tay and Chan Kabs are also parents to Teija, 12 and TJ, 2. They said Maliya also enjoys singing dad's favorite 80's classics from "Earth, Wind and Fire."

The Kabs family said they're happy that Maliya's video is spreading happiness.