Does drinking from a bird-shaped glass make a cocktail taste better?

No, but it does make for a seriously eye-catching picture on social media.

That’s the approach at INTERSECT by Lexus in New York City, a cocktail lounge where the inventive drinks are an Instagram dreams come true.

PHOTO: An array of cocktails from INTERSECT.
ABC News
An array of cocktails from INTERSECT.

The restaurant launches a new concept every four to six months making for a unique experience every time you visit.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity to experience new things all the time,” head bartender Alan Denniberg told “Good Morning America.”

Right now, some of their standout cocktails include the Lady Bird, a vodka-based concoction with notes of lemongrass and papaya, the Goodnight Paris, made of cognac, amaro and creme de casis, and Rom Smoke Fashioned, a showstopper where a cinnamon stick is lit on fire and the smoke is trapped in a glass to add to the drink's aroma and flavor.

The cocktails are served in a unique glasses and made so you can capture the best content for social media.

PHOTO: The "Lady Bird" cocktail from INTERSECT.
ABC News
The "Lady Bird" cocktail from INTERSECT.

For everyone who wishes you could have one of these delicious cocktails, you can!

The bar put together a special punch just for “Good Morning America” that you can mix-up at home.

When it comes to making cocktails at home, "the most important thing is to go with what you like" Denniberg said.

"There’s no one right way to do anything," he added.


3 dashes of Angostura bitters
½ oz lime juice
1 oz passion fruit juice
½ oz cinnamon syrup
¼ oz peach liqueur
1 ½ oz Goslings Black Seal Rum
Ginger beer

PHOTO: A bartender pours Gosling's Rum.
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A bartender pours Gosling's Rum.


Simply mix all of the ingredients together in a glass and top with sliced fruit for some garnish.

Having a party? You can multiply this recipe and make a lot of this punch ahead of time.