Cake pops are meant to be an on-the-go snack, but Rebecca Clavecilla-Eng has turned them into a work of art.

Clavecilla-Eng creates ridiculously Instagrammable cake pops in the shapes of animals, fruits, flowers and even more.

Clavecilla-Eng grew up baking with her mom and turned her hobby into her business.

"There are cake pops at a lot of local places however we just take it to another level," Clavecilla-Eng told "GMA" at Dessert Goals Festival.

Rebecca's Cake Pops serves cake pops in all flavors, shapes and sizes.

Clavecilla-Eng first baked cake pops in 2012 and has mastered the technique. She says, "Everything is baked from scratch with fresh ingredients."

"Pretty much anything that you can think of we can create and attach onto a stick," Clavecilla-Eng added.

She posts her delicious creations on Instagram where she's amassed over 50K dessert loving followers.

Rebecca's Cake Pops is located in Garden City, New York but ships nationwide.