Sure you've seen short stacks, silver dollar, buttermilk and blueberry -- but have you ever seen a papillon or a pug in pancake form?

"It all started when my daughter became obsessed with a recent episode of 'Sesame Street' in which Elmo builds a robot dog," Anne Sage told "Good Morning America." "Out of the blue one day, she asked me to make her 'robot dog' pancakes, and then every morning after for weeks, she had the same request. So to keep things interesting for myself, I started making a different dog each morning."

Sage, an interior design and renovation expert, went viral earlier this spring when she shared her detailed pancakes that resembled an array of dog breeds.

But her favorite variation using banana, oats and Greek yogurt-based batter has been the Saint Bernard.

"I had to do several practice tries over the course of a week to arrive at my final result," she said. "In the end, I think I really managed to capture his proportions and his fluffiness without just ending up with a big blob."

As for her daughter, "I can't really say she had a favorite -- or even a true appreciation for my artistry -- because the moment I put them in front of her, she demands that I cut them up and drown them in melted butter," Sage said with a laugh.

"The pug was pretty tricky, since so much of a pug's defining characteristics are in their face, and it's hard to capture that level of detail in pancake batter," she added.