This couple has something to say to the man who interrupted their engagement photo shoot.

"You actually are our number one invite to our wedding," Brooke Osborn said.

"You definitely are," fiance Boomer Twardak chimed in. "Just don't wear a Brewers jersey."

It all stems from a regular evening walk in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, when Twardak left nothing to chance as he carefully planned a surprise marriage proposal for Osborn, his girlfriend.

He hired a photographer to capture the special moment and even brought their dog, Stanley, along to make things seem less conspicuous.

But no amount of planning could have prepared Twardak for what happened at the precise moment that he got down on one knee to propose.

PHOTO: jogger photo bomb proposal
Courtesy Gerber+Scarpelli Photography
A jogger interrupted Boomer Twardak and Brooke Osborn’s special moment when Twardak was proposing. He's now been immortalized in their proposal pics.

Just as he began to ask the question, a man jogging through the park wearing a Milwaukee Brewers jersey accidentally stepped in front of the camera and wound up being caught right in the middle of the couple’s engagement photo.

He appeared to be mid-jog when he noticed the photographer and quickly tried to get out of the way. The man’s hilarious pose has caught the attention of the internet, and now the couple can’t thank the photobomber enough.

Despite the mystery man interrupting their special moment, the couple has found the entire situation humorous.

"We should have him photo bomb every one of our life events moving forward," Twardak told GMA.

The jogger remains unidentified, but they hope to meet him one day -- possibly at their wedding in August 2020.

"We obviously do not have any idea who it is, and we're interested to actually learn who it is so we could say hello and thank him for helping us go viral," Twardak said.