You can make a unique kitchen set of mugs and bowls with water marbling!

Water marbling involves dripping nail polish into water and creating a pattern on the surface.

This technique was first a big manicure trend but can be applied to other things too, like dishes.

No need for expensive kitchen sets to impress your guests -- just jazz up plain dishes with this step-by-step DIY project.

What you'll need

  • Colorful nail polish (We used OPI's Neon Collection.)
  • White kitchen bowl and mug
  • Large bowl or container
  • Wooden skewers

Fill bowl with water

Fill your bowl with enough water so you can dip in your mug and bowl.

Add the nail polish

Pick out your nail polish colors and drizzle them into the water, making sure that the size of the nail polish circle is as big as your mug or bowl.

TIP: Open all of the nail polish bottles so you are ready to pour them.

Make a design

Create a unique design using the wooden skewer.

Drag it back and forth or in a circle for a tie-dye effect.

Dip your kitchenware

Slowly dip your mug and bowl into the water, letting the nail polish coat the outside.

Let dry and enjoy

Make sure the nail polish is completely dry and use your dishes!