Every bride wants to be showered with flowers on her wedding day. Whether you’re going with a rustic, summer or modern feel for your wedding, every bridesmaid will want to catch one of these DIY bouquets.

What you need

Floral scissors

Stem wrap

Corsage pins

Floral adhesive

Hot glue gun





PHOTO: DIY bridal bouquet materials.
ABC News
DIY bridal bouquet materials.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Create a base for the boutique by combining focal flowers and fillers in the desired shape.

2. Use floratape stem wrap to secure each layer of the bouquet; this will ensure a stable bouquet.

3. Add focal flowers, fillers and greens in an even rotation around the base.

4. Continue to build on the bouquet in sections, securing each section with floral tape.

5. Add one flower type all the way around the bouquet to create a round, finished look.

6. Create your bouquet wrap covering the floral tape.

7. Use corsage pins, floral adhesive or a glue gun to secure the ribbon to the stems. If using corsage pins make sure you insert the pins on a steep diagonal to make sure nothing pokes out the other side.

8. Use more ribbon to add a finishing touch and add a theme.

PHOTO: DIY bridal bouquet.
ABC News
DIY bridal bouquet.

For a rustic look...
Use twine, burlap and wildflowers

For a modern look...
Use deep green, monochromatic and dynamic shapes that are sophisticated and long.

For a summer look...
Use playful, colorful, bright and round flowers that are full of life.

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