Impress guests on your special day with these amazing DIY favors.

Whether your wedding is modern or traditional, send your wedding guests home with these super creative party favors.

PHOTO: DIY wedding party favor materials.
ABC News
DIY wedding party favor materials.

Nothing says modern like a rewrapped, monogram chocolate treat.

1. Unwrap a branded chocolate bar to reveal metallic wrapping.
2. Use sized construction paper to wrap and fold around the bar.
3. Use a glue gun to secure paper.
4. Apply number applique to chocolate bar with glue gun.

Keep it classic for a traditional nighttime wedding.

1. Fill each plastic bag with mints.

2. Use a white paper folder and size over the bag.

3. Apply ink with fun saying to paper.

4. Use a stapler to secure paper to plastic bag.

PHOTO: DIY wedding party favor.
ABC News
DIY wedding party favor.

A rustic affair should incorporate earthy, green plant life.

1. Place fake grass and moss inside glass jars.
2. Apply twine to cardboard labels.
3. Apply ink to cardboard labels with names.
4. Tie twine to the top of each jar.
5. Place plant inside of the jar.

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