With just two weeks until Christmas, deck out your home with some holiday cheer by sprucing up your Christmas tree.

“Good Morning America” spoke with three TikTok influencers who shared their tips on how to keep Christmas trees festive this year.

Whether you’re a first-time Christmas tree owner looking to keep your tree fresh all season long, or whether you’re looking for new ways to decorate your tree, these TikTok influencers have you covered.

Read on for some tips.

Best strategy for planning for a tree

Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza of @CraftyLumberjacks on TikTok say if you’re thinking of getting a tree this year, make sure you plan for where it will go in your home. Where you put it will determine how fresh it stays all season long, and can either make or break the aesthetic in your home, they say.

Tip #1: Don’t put your tree in direct sunlight and don’t put it near a heater

Don’t be afraid to switch up your space and rearrange your furniture.

Tip #2: Strategize decorating around the tree

Christmas tree decorating is more than just the physical decor of the tree, and also includes the frames on your walls. Wrap a frame in a sweater, wrapping paper, etc.

Tip #3: Plan out ornaments in a triangular fashion

If you do three at a time, like a triangle, you never get the same ornaments next to each other.

Bonus tip: Have a craft night with your family

If you’re in need of new Christmas tree decorations, The Crafty Lumberjacks say that a craft night with the family is the answer. Use what you have at home, like paper straws, to make stars and paper snowflakes.

String lights vertically

You may be accustomed to wrapping your lights around your tree, but Liz Brown, a home decor and DIY specialist of @lizlovery on TikTok, says the best way to make lights look aesthetically pleasing is if you hang them vertically.

Benefits for stringing lights vertically:

1. This allows you to replace one string if the light goes out and not replace the whole strand. It also allows you to get more lights inside and outside the tree, as opposed to a spiral type pattern.

2. Wrapping vertically also means fewer strands. You don’t have to cover the face of the tree that’s up against a wall. The bigger the tree you have, the bigger lights you can have and it might save you from purchasing a lot of string.

3. When a light goes out, the whole strand isn’t a bust. Look to switch out a fuse. On the base of the plug, there’s a tiny area that you can slide open and find two light fuses, which include replacements.

Bonus tip: If you get a real tree, Liz says to ask whoever is chopping it down for a thin piece off the stump so you can turn that into an ornament.

Glam up the bottom of your tree

Tamara Bradshaw, a lifestyle influencer on TikTok (@tamarabradshaw_home), says don’t forget underneath the tree. Bradshaw shares that all it takes is cardboard, fur and ribbon to achieve a glamorous and fabulous look.


1. Start with a cardboard box

2. Wrap it with fur

3. Glam it up with ribbon and an ornament topper

Bonus tip: Bradshaw says you don’t need a traditional tree skirt. Instead, look for material like fur, tulle and mesh.