Millions on TikTok are loving a California teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.

Shannon McCourt of Monterey Bay has filmed her sister, Kayla McCourt, during e-learning sessions Kayla hosts for her kindergartners.

The sisters are roommates, and Shannon told "Good Morning America" that she's been observing Kayla's teaching-from-home style amid the pandemic.

"I basically wake up to nursery rhymes in the morning," Shannon said. "She's in costumes every day, making up her own songs ... the kids are obsessed with her."

Kayla, known to her students as Ms. McCourt, began remote teaching mid-March. In August, she restarted the school year with 17 students.

Shannon said Kayla is known for her off-beat and endearing instruction styles.

Kayla incorporates fun outfits into her virtual lesson plans. She's dressed as a pineapple, a ladybug, butterfly, an archaeologist and even an ice cream cone.

"I would always do silly things in the classroom, but the daily dress-up was a new thought before COVID happened," Kayla told "GMA."

Shannon posted several videos to TikTok of Kayla in action during her classes. Over 5 million viewed the initial footage of Kayla "swimming" for her students while donning a wetsuit.

"I'm happy with all the positivity that's been spread," Kayla said. "It's really rooted from me wanting to do what's best for my kids and me just missing them."