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With a new year comes new resolutions!

Vision boards, a space to collect and visually organize ideas or inspirations, have long been popular on Pinterest where the company says over 80 million boards on Pinterest with "vision" in the title or Pin description were created on the platform last year.

To help you visualize your New Year's resolution or set your intentions for 2019, we created a DIY vision board planner and wall panel that you can make yourself to get that daily dose of inspiration.

Professional crafter Michelle Edgemont walked us through the process below step by step.

How to make a vision board planner

Crafting blogger Kimberly Lauren inspired the "Good Morning America" team to design our own version of her fun DIY vision board planner.

What you'll need


Scrapbook paper



Glue stick


Step 1. Create the first page

Create a fresh surface in the front of your planner using colorful or printed paper.

Step 2. Add the year

Step 3. Add inspirational clippings

Cut out inspirational words and images from your magazine or elsewhere.

Step 4. Set your goals

Write your goals in the planner.

Step 5. Add some stickers for an extra special touch!

How to make a DIY vision board wall panel

VIDEO: Set yourself up for success in 2019 with these unique vision boards
Hang this vision board on your wall as a reminder to live your best life in 2019.

What you'll need
Wire grid wall panel

Step 1. Add inspirational clippings

Cut out inspirational words and photos from your magazine.

Step 2. Attach your clippings

Using the clothespins, attach your clippings to the board.

Step 3. Add momentos

Step 4. Hang on your wall and dream big all year long!

Editor's Note: This story was originally published on Jan. 3, 2019.