DIY guru Brit Morin, the founder and CEO of Brit + Co, shared her brilliant last-minute Halloween party hacks with "Good Morning America."

Happy-Almost-Halloween, friends!

Procrastinators, it's never too late to throw a memorable Halloween bash. Watch our fun segment above, then read on to learn more about each last-minute party idea. You’ve totally got this!

1. Drop a frozen hand in your party punch.

PHOTO: Frozen Hand Punch.
Maddie Bachelder/Brit + Co
Frozen Hand Punch.

This one is so brilliant, and crazy easy to make. Simply fill a food-safe disposable glove with water, tie it closed, and pop it in the freezer the night before your party. Right before your guests arrive, use scissors to remove the glove and drop it in the punch. (Pssst: The fingers melt fast! To keep the creep factor alive all party long, we suggest you make a few frozen hands.)

2. Make trick-or-treating ghost dolls.

PHOTO: Halloween trick-or-treat dolls.
Maddie Bachelder/BRIT&CO
Halloween trick-or-treat dolls.

Last-minute front porch decor, FTW! We make these adorable pint-sized trick-or-treaters in just a few minutes. Simply borrow your kiddo’s dolls, cover them with circles of white fabric, then cut small holes for each doll’s hand. Use a rubber band to fasten a mini trick-or-treat pail to the hand. Finish the look by adding eyes to the ghost costume with a thick black marker. Easy peasy!

3. Make Mummy Jalapeno Poppers.

PHOTO: Mummy Halloween Poppers.
Maddie Bachelder/BRIT&CO
Mummy Halloween Poppers.

One quick trip to the grocery store and you’ve got what you need to make this insanely popular recipe. These little cuties bake for only 8-10 minutes, so you can pop them in the oven right before the festivities. Find the full mummy jalapeno popper recipe over at Brit + Co.

4. DIY a pumpkin bowling game.

PHOTO: Halloween Pumpkin Bowling.
Maddie Bachelder/Brit + Co
Halloween Pumpkin Bowling.

Because no party is complete without some friendly competition. Time to dig into those recycling bins! Repurpose empty water bottles into these charming ghost bowling pins. We spray painted each bottle white, let dry, then drew ghost-like faces on them. Also, who knew that sugar pumpkins made such great bowling balls?!

5. Make delicious pumpkin lasagna — made in a pumpkin.

This recipe is one of our favorites at Brit + Co. It’s a classic recipe, but cooking it in the pumpkin makes it truly memorable (and even tastier). Watch the video above for the how-to!

6. Add food-safe dry ice to your drinks.

PHOTO: Dry Ice Halloween Drink.
Maddie Bachelder/Brit + Co
Dry Ice Halloween Drink.

Neat, right?! Dry ice will add a major spook factor to your signature cocktail. Just make sure you’re brushed up on the following Dry Ice Safety FAQ: One, always use food-safe dry ice. Two, never touch dry ice with your bare hands. We recommend handling with heavy-duty gloves, an oven mitt, or with tongs. Three, never ingest a dry ice cube. Let it melt completely before you drink your beverage.

7. Serve these darling mummy pizzas.

PHOTO: Mummy Pizzas.
Maddie Bachelder/BRIT&CO
Mummy Pizzas.

Why not keep the mummy food train a-rollin’? If you were looking for an excuse to eat pizza this Halloween, look no further than these festive zucchini charmers. Find the full mummy pizza recipe over at Brit + Co.

8. Award best-dressed guests with candy medals.

PHOTO: Halloween Candy Medals.
Maddie Bachelder/Brit + Co
Halloween Candy Medals.

Be it cutest, scariest, or most original, the evening’s standout costumes deserve recognition! We made these in about two minutes by taping festive ribbons to the back of our favorite candy bars. This DIY is also a cute way to elevate your trick-or-treat candy bowl, don’t you think?

9. Freeze creepy crawly gummy worms in your ice cubes.

PHOTO: Gummy worms in ice.
Maddie Bachelder/BRIT&CO
Gummy worms in ice.

This one is a time-honored tradition here at Brit + Co — every year, we make gummy ice cubes for our annual Halloween party. The best part? When the ice cubes melt, we get to eat the gummy worms. Find the full gummy ice cube tutorial over at Brit + Co.

See, there are *tons* of ways to make your last-minute Halloween party a memorable one. Procrastinators, keep calm and DIY on! Happy Hallowdays :)

Editor's note: This was originally published on Oct. 30, 2018.