Getting tired of regular virtual hangouts? Try these online games you can play with your friends and family over Zoom or on your mobile device.

Thanks to technology, there are gaming apps, video conferencing and screen sharing tools, and virtual playing cards that can help aid the fun for hours over your next long-distance get together. From classic online board games like Pictionary and Settlers of Catan to trivia games, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

So, let the games begin!

1. Video games to play with friends

On Houseparty, an app similar to Zoom or Skype, you can play built-in-games with friends like Ellen Degeneres' "Heads Up!", "Quick Draw" and even trivia. To get started, simply download the free app, tell your friends to download it too and click the dice icon in the right-hand corner.

PHOTO: Houseparty app features virtual games to play with friends
Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Houseparty app features virtual games to play with friends.

A classic game to play directly over Zoom, no downloading required, is Pictionary. Zoom has a feature called "whiteboard." To use Zoom's whiteboard, click the "share screen button" located in the meeting toolbar, select the whiteboard, and click share. Use the annotation tools to draw out your picture and then let the guessing begin.

2. Online apps to download

Any video calling service that lets you screen-share provides the option to play third-party online games that aren't built into the app. Some popular games right now include Quiplash and Kahoot. To play, visit their websites and follow the instructions on how to download and share the link with friends.

3. Free multiplayer games

If you aren't feeling camera ready or want a non-video option, there are plenty of options to play with friends online like Mahjong and Catan.

Find thousands of virtual classic card games, like Backgammon, Checkers, and Go Fish on The website lets you set-up a virtual private room to play any tabletop games with friends on the "multiplayer" feature.

If card games aren't for you, try the website - an online free multiplayer drawing guessing game. In a private room, multiple players are able to safely join in on the fun.