Julia Lewis, 91, is known to trade in her walker for her dancing shoes.

A love of dancing and music seems to be the secret to life for the resident at Magnolia Springs Southpointe, an assisted living facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

"Music is what makes the world go round," Lewis told "Good Morning America." "You can be depressed, you can be sick, but you can always turn on some music and forget it."

Lewis celebrated her return from a hospital stay and completing therapy sessions by doing the jitterbug.

"Everybody did the jitterbug [when I was younger]," she said. "If you didn't jitterbug, you was nothin'!"

The video of Lewis doing the jitterbug to Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" went viral after it was posted on the home's Facebook page on Jan. 15. The post has since been viewed over 90,000 times.

Lewis' advice for making the most out of life: "Be yourself."

This nonagenarian's moves will have us smiling for days.