Carrie Underwood has a new pair of pants that are making a loud statement-- literally.

While giving fans a glimpse of her closet, the country star is seen wearing a black hoodie and black pants that are hard to miss — especially if viewing with your audio on.

"So I bought these super cute like patent-leather — they're not leather — looking leggings to wear. Just saw them, thought they'd be cute for something," Underwood said at the beginning of the video.

She continued, "There's just one problem. When you walk."

Shortly after, her pants make a loud crackling sound each time she moves.

Over the video, Underwood wrote "That time I brought the noisy britches."

She also jokingly captioned the clips, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you…my pants are too loud!!!"

One fan left a comment comparing the noise to someone twisting up balloons. Another said her pants sounded like a bag of Dorito chips.

Others found Underwood's fashion hiccup to be reminiscent of a "Seinfeld" episode titled "The Pie" where George Costanza scores buying a suit at a discounted price only to later find out the suit makes a crazy swooshing sound.