Dr. Nicole Sparks, a Georgia-based obstetrician-gynecologist posted a video of her relationship journey with her husband by using several pairs of shoes, and it went viral on TikTok.

"Shout to my husband for all of his support during this crazy medical journey," Sparks captioned the post.

The video shows how Nicole and Timothy went from meeting in the gym to getting married and having two children together. For each layer of their story, they jump into a new pair of shoes representing each chapter of their lives together.


Shout to my husband for all of his support during this crazy medical journey. ##graysanatomy ##medicine ##doctor ##obgyn ##whitecoat

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"The TikTok video was created out of appreciation for my husband and his support during all the stages of our journey -- especially in medical school and residency where it was particularly difficult," Nicole told "GMA." "We were long distance during medical school and drove back and forth every weekend to see each other."

Since posting, the video has been viewed over one million times with over 14,000 comments. "Omg stop, this just got cuter and cuter - wishing ya'll a life of love, happiness, and much success," TikTok user her.atlas wrote.

Nicole reflected on being in a long-distance relationship with Timothy during medical school and driving back and forth every weekend to see each other. While she was in Florida studying, he was in Georgia. During this time, their children were born. "My husband would often have to bring the children to the hospital so I could see them while working long 24 hour shifts," she said.

To prep for the video, Nicole and Timothy coordinated their outfits and shoes in the order of how they met leading up to their second child, Savannah, who's 18 months old. She mentions the hardest part was trying to jump at the same time while also keeping both of their children, from running into the videos. "In the video you will notice that my son ran in before his time," said Nicole.

She also pointed out that her dress didn't quite fit, and her husband had to pin the back of it so it could stay in place.

After about three hours of production, their video came together beautifully.

"We are completely overwhelmed with the all of the positive feedback and comments," said Nicole. " I think in a time where there is so much bad news every time we turn on the television, that is very encouraging to spread a positive video about love, dedication and commitment. We are so thankful for everyone's kind words."

She adds, "I hope this video will help people to know you can find love anywhere -- even at the gym. I also hope to inspire women who have been told they cannot balance their families and their careers. I was often told not to have children during my residency. Not only did I have two children, I graduated on time and passed my OB-GYN written boards. I hope it is a testament that you can do anything if you have a good support system."

Should fans be expecting a part two or any more family videos soon? Nicole revealed her husband doesn't particurlary like being in front of the camera, but she has high hopes in convincing him to do a follow-up YouTube video with her.