Jennifer Lopez closed the Versace Spring 2020 show in a reimagined version of the iconic deep-v plunging dress that we will never stop talking about.

At the closing of the show, J.Lo walked the runway in a green chiffon dress and instantly brought back the same spark she did once upon a time.

When she wore this look to the 2000 Grammy Awards, it became one of the most searched images because so many people were looking to get a glimpse of it.

"On February 24, 2000, the day after the Grammy’s, Google saw one of the most popular queries it had ever seen -- searches for Jennifer Lopez’s Green Dress," the company wrote in a statement to "GMA" in April. "If you looked at the search results for the query on that day, you could see that we weren’t delivering what people were asking for."

The infamous dress is a fashion moment in history that many of us will never forget and just might be one of the biggest highlights of this season's fashion month.