Government officials have ordered hair salons to close in attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. With that, many people have been searching for ways to take care of their own hair wants and needs from home.

For at-home hair color, a lot of people have been turning to a childhood favorite: Kool-Aid. The flavored drink mix is popping up all over social media as people have found this to be a creative way to give their strands a bright pop of red, blue, green or whatever their hearts desires.

"This is the level of quarantine we have reached," Dena Powell wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her daughter with Kool-Aid dyed hair.

Her caption continued, "Since we have at least 4 months until school goes back, why not?!"

Cosmetic chemist Ginger King explained to "GMA" that dying your hair with Kool-Aid is generally safe as it is a temporary colorant with FD&C colors.

Celebrity hair colorist Rita Hazan also told "GMA" that "nothing bad will happen, but you're stuck with it if you don't like it."

Professional hair colorist and owner of red. By rubyredroots hair salon, Barri Gibson, warned "GMA" that Kool-Aid can possibly be drying to your hair texture.

"In that case I'd say to rinse the Kool-Aid out with cool water and follow up with a good moisturizing conditioner," she said. "For those that are professionally colored, especially blondes, it could really stain, so your hairstylist might not be too thrilled if it doesn't all come out by the time you’re back in their chair."

Gibson also mentions that bright Kool-Aid hair colors will show up best on top of brighter hair tones such as blonde or light brown.

Over time, Kool-Aid dyed hair color will wash out with warm or hot temperatures water and shampoo.

How to color your hair with Kool-Aid:

Everything you need: Kool-Aid packets, moisturizing conditioner, dye brush, hair ties, plastic bag or shower cap, bowl or mug

Step 1: Microwave a few spoonfuls of a moisturizing conditioner in a bowl or mug for roughly 30 seconds.

Step 2: Create your color paste by mixing together heated up conditioner and several packets of Kool-Aid.

Step 3: Section off hair you would like to color.

Step 4: Use dye brush or fingers to apply paste to desired sections of hair.

Step 5: Cover colored hair with a shower cap or plastic bag, and leave on for 3 to 8 hours depending on how vibrant you desire your hue to be.

Step 6: Remove shower cap or plastic bag and rinse hair with cool water.

Step 7: Style hair as desired.

Warning: This can be a messy process. Wear an old shirt, and be cautious of where you lay your head as staining is a huge possibility.

Need more Kool-Aid hair dye inspo? Check out the following photos for an array of different looks.