Looks like M3gan is in heaven.

The eponymous AI doll from box-office banger "M3GAN" has made her modeling debut with Marc Jacobs' edgy sublabel Heaven.

Photographed by Harley Weir, the horror-themed robot, whose name is an acronym for "Model 3 Generative Android," is seen wearing a "God Help Me" graphic hoodie with a skull head, a mini skirt and black knee-high chunky boots with a glare of red shining on her face.

M3GAN joins the ranks of Pamela Anderson, Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat, who have also starred in campaigns for the Gen-Z-loved brand.

"So sick. I love it," Jacobs wrote in the comments section of the sublabel's Instagram post promoting the new punk-inspired campaign.

Others were torn on the campaign, with one Instagram user writing, "The human brain isn't meant to comprehend this."

Another user described the campaign as "looking camp right in the eye."

M3GAN's look is quite different from her character's in the movie, in which she is seen wearing a tailored brown jacket and striped pussy-bow scarf.

In the film, M3GAN is initially programmed to be a children's companion, but she turns hostile as the film progresses, with frightening consequences for anyone she encounters.