At "GMA," we love hanging out in our studio in New York City's Times Square.

But on Thursday, June 13, we're changing the scenery and hitting the road for a special pop-up show.

Where are we headed? None other than the City of Brotherly Love -- Philadelphia!

In order to get acquainted with our surroundings and find out where Philly locals like to spend their time, we had to get some insight from someone who's really in the know.

Obviously, we chose Gritty, the beloved mascot of the National Hockey League's Flyers who's not only a favorite of Philadelphians, but of other hockey -- and non-hockey -- fans alike.

Check out Gritty's recommendations and commentary below.

1. Wells Fargo Center

"Ah, The Farg, my home, where the boys play. Should really be considered for the Eighth Wonder of the World."

2. Elfreth’s Alley

"It’s the oldest residential street in America, and you won’t believe it ... they use real people inside the houses, as if they actually live there. I think they might be the best actors in the whole wide world."

3. The Restrooms at Longwood Gardens

"Philadelphia and America’s best kept secret. Forget the gardens, pop a squat in this lush, worldly, and architecturally superior baño. Really embrace the TP, too, it’s three-ply."

4. Mütter Museum

"You know what they say, life imitates art."

5. Schuylkill River Trail for Abs

"For fitness. And good views. And good doggos."

6. Ikea of Columbus Boulevard

"It’s perfect for when I need some me time, a Swedish meatball, and the entire SVARTSJÖN collection. If anyone is interested, I’m really masterful with an Allen wrench."

7. The Pool @ Logan Square

"For the maritime enthusiasts. It’s a be-and-be-seen type of place for a refreshing summertime dip. Flamingo pool floats welcome."

8. Parc

"Get yourself a table on the Square and enjoy a nice diversity of cheeses and charcuterie and a rich espresso. Nothing will make you feel more like, uh … French?"

9. Cheesesteak Crawl

"You can’t pick just one. Prep yourself with a two-day fast and then follow your schnoz to all the top spots. Don’t let the scent of crab fries or Wawa hoagies throw you off the trail. It can be tempting, but stay the course. It’ll be the most epic scavenger hunt you ever do. Pro tip: pack that Pepto."

10. Liberty Bell

"It’s an all-time favorite of yours, mine and Nicholas Cage."