Gisele Bundchen is a supermodel, supermom of two, wife of Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, environmental activist and business mogul.

It's no wonder she has a secret weapon to keep her energy strong all day long: yerba mate.

"It tastes completely different than green tea but I think it has the same effect," Bundchen, 38, told "Good Morning America." "It's definitely something that gives you energy."

More than an energy boost, Bundchen said she loves yerba mate because it gives the native Brazilian a sense of home.

"It's part of my roots," she said. "I've been drinking it since I was a little kid and I grew up seeing my parents, my grandparents, just on Sundays, sitting outside the house and drinking the mate."

Bundchen, who now lives outside of Boston, where Brady plays for the New England Patriots, added, "It feels very familiar and nourishing for me."

What is yerba mate?

Yerba mate is a plant. Its leaves and twigs are dried and steeped in hot water to become an herbal tea.

The tea is a typical drink in parts of South America, particularly Brazil and Argentina.

In South America, the tea is a drink that you share, according to Bundchen.

"Usually people sit around and it's a moment to kind of drink together and share conversation," she said.

PHOTO: Gisele Bundchen holds an yerba mate tea.
ABC News
Gisele Bundchen holds an yerba mate tea.

In the U.S., yerba mate is typically found in health stores and online.

The drink does have caffeine. Bundchen recommends avoiding drinking yerba mate at night.

"Definitely the best time to drink mate is in the morning and maybe after lunch," she said.

As with any herbal product, consult a doctor before trying.

How does Gisele make yerba mate?

Making yerba mate for Bundchen is like being transported back to her childhood in Brazil.

She uses a traditional container, called a gourd, to make her tea in four quick steps.

Follow along below!

1. Add yerba mate to the gourd

Fill the gourd "not all the way to the top but most of the gourd has to be full," according to Bundchen.

2. Add hot water

Pour the hot water in slowly, Bundchen said.

3. Cover and shake

"The yerba mate is going to soak the water inside," explained Bundchen.

4. Drink with a metal straw

"Brazilians were drinking from metal straws a long time ago," Bundchen said, with a laugh. "Way to go Brazilians."

Editor's note: This was originally published on Oct. 5, 2018.