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Faces of Lady Gaga's beauty campaign on importance of brand's inclusive message

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Lady Gaga's venture into the beauty industry marks yet another realm for the star to ignite self-expression and bolster inclusivity, not only in her fan base but throughout the world.

In Gaga's first campaign for her new brand Haus Laboratories, she enlisted a diverse cast of talented faces to showcase this mission.

"Beauty is often represented in chains. Part of our intention is to inspire self-acceptance, to inspire bravery, to inspire self-invention with or without makeup," Lady Gaga told "Good Morning America" in a statement.

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"We really want people to feel free and to love themselves, no matter how you identify," Gaga's statement continued. "What was so important to me through this whole process is that when people saw what we were 'selling' that they didn't feel like we were just selling makeup. This is a party where everyone is invited. Everyone is invited to break all the rules!"

Jake and Joseph Dupont, gender fluid twins starring in the campaign, believe Haus Laboratories is "more than just makeup."

"It's more than just another job -- this is something that shifts the way the world looks at beauty standards and the way people feel about expressing their individuality," Jake shared. "Not to mention that it's founded by one of the biggest icons of all time, as well as our personal idol, Lady Gaga."

The New York-based twins, represented by Muse Model Management Inc., said when they first found out about booking the campaign, they didn't know what brand it was for -- only that it was "a major beauty campaign."

"A couple days after we booked the job our agents called us and said, 'You might want to sit down ... it's Lady Gaga!'" Joseph shared. "The initial reaction definitely included some screaming and an immediate rooftop celebration (party of 2) where we blasted 'Born This Way' for everyone to hear."

The twins feel that Gaga has made a mark on the beauty industry since the start of her career.

"Her influence is extremely important because her point of view deflects the 'society norms,'" Jake said.

"She is fearless and unapologetic when it comes to being herself and has always projected the message of love and self acceptance through her entire career -- and this campaign is no different," Joseph added.

Kitty Louvit, who also starred in the campaign, believes the singer and actress has been an inspiration in driving people to love themselves.

"Gaga, who has such a big impact on the LGBTQ community, has so much pride and shows so many people that their beauty has so much power," she said. "No matter how different you may look, whether your eyes are smaller, nose might be bigger, or just not society's normal beauty standard, you are even more powerful, bold and unique. You are a one in a million."

Gaga made sure to emphasize the true meaning behind the campaign when the models arrived on set, the Dupont twins shared.

"She welcomed us to the team by introducing us all to one another and made sure we understood why the campaign is not just about makeup, it is about how our individual identities come together and tie into the core message of 'beauty is how you see yourself,'" Joseph said.

"We are building a supportive, empowering, inclusive community grounded in kindness, bravery and creativity," Haus Laboratories said in a statement. "Beauty is how you see yourself. By providing tools for self-expression and invention we want you to love yourself."

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Another model featured in the campaign, Fish, 21, from Brownsville, Texas, is supportive of the brand's push to foster self expression.

"People feel the need to abide by other people's standards of living," Fish shared. "At Haus Laboratories, there are no rules."

"You make your own rules and that really translates in the makeup," the model added. "You have so much versatility with the make up line that one product isn't just used specifically for one thing. It can be used for many."

"Beauty to me has no definition," Fish added. "If you define beauty to a certain look, you lose the true value of it. Beauty is within everyone and anyone."

Nyajuok P. Koang, who also appeared in the campaign, is originally from South Sudan and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. She believes "HAUS couldn't have come into the market at a more crucial time."

"There's so many changes happening within the industry and society as a whole," the 19-year-old shared. "Specifically with inclusion every and all types of people are being encouraged to wear their skin pridefully."

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Her thoughts on the meaning of beauty fall in line with the mission of the brand.

"In an industry based off figurative beauty standards I believe beauty is in all the little steps of finding our individuality," she said. "Circumstances that collectively formed the you -- YOU are now, is where your beauty is. It's in everything we are, do and eventually become -- not what society deems to be 'trendy.' Trends don't last, all beauty is timeless, and that's exactly what HAUS is all about."

The Dupont twins have a similar view on the concept. To them, beauty means, "knowing that you are never going to be 'perfect' and still having strength to be confident and love who you are."

"It means seeing past your 'flaws' and knowing they do not define you," Joseph said. "Beauty is how you see yourself and not how the world may perceive you. It means accepting that there is only one you and never willing to sacrifice your individuality."

"This was never about hiring pretty models to show off new products, this is about showing the world what a strong sense of self and community looks like in a line of cosmetics specifically designed to amplify your identity and give you confidence to take beauty by the balls," Jake added.

"Working on this project was an honor, we felt as though we were surrounded by a family rather than a team. Everybody there was so down to earth, and together we all made this fantasy a reality," Jake continued.

Chavi St. Hill, a 24-year-old model from New Jersey who is represented by Muse Model Management Inc., felt the same way about the on-set environment while shooting.

"Everyone, including her [Gaga], was so incredibly nice and always made sure we were comfortable, having fun and felt beautiful," she said. "She truly made all of us feel like she is our friend and that we really are a family,"

People feel the need to abide by other people's standards of living. At Haus Laboratories, there are no rules.

Koang said Gaga was "involved in everything from the make up formulas down to color of the backdrop," during the shoot.

"You could just tell how passionate she was and watching it all come to life was unreal," she shared. "I remember being a kid and watching all her music videos and live performances her hair, make up, and of course outfits. She's one of the generational emblems of Avant-garde."

Along with appreciating the environment on set, St. Hill said she fully supports the messages Gaga promotes in her work.

"She is always known to push the boundaries with style in such creative and beautiful ways," she shared. "Her style and impact stands out because nearly all of her red carpet looks are real life magazine editorials."

"I think she is part of the reason some celebrities feel more free on the red carpet to wear whatever they want and not care about what critics will say," she added.

The model said that beauty is really about "loving yourself and being happy on the inside," but she loves how makeup can make her feel.

"I love that makeup can make me look like a different person, almost as if I have an alter ego or I'm bringing out another side of me," she said. "And I am always so excited to bring that girl out."

Sveta Matiunina, another model featured in the Haus Laboratories campaign, loves Gaga's message that, "everyone deserves to feel comfortable and playful in their skin."

"True beauty comes from inside. It's all about loving yourself for who you are, helping others and trying to be the best version of yourself," the 21-year-old said.