Style August 6, 2019

Style influencer Camila Coelho shares her tips for getting the perfect Insta-ready vacation pics

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In a seemingly always-growing market of fashion and beauty influencers, Camila Coelho is definitely a standout.

With a massive following of over 8 million on Instagram, and more than 4 million subscribers across her YouTube channels, Coelho is a trusted source many admire.

Aside from influencing the world, she's constantly traveling. Yet, she finds a way to always to capture aspirational photos whether she's on vacation or dancing at a music festival.

One can't help but wonder how Coelho does it all while looking fabulous at the same time.

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"Good Morning America" caught up with her to talk all things summer beauty, fashion, trends, and of course ... how to get that perfect vacation shot for the 'gram.

Scroll ahead to take note on her must-haves and insider tips.

What are your must-have beauty and hair products to bring along while traveling and why?

I'm always traveling but taking care of my skin is extremely important to me, even when I'm on the go. Not only does your face get dry while traveling but so does your hair, which is why I always pack a good face serum and a hair mask. Good hair brings me so much confidence.

The Pantene Intense Rescue Shots are handy, and I can keep it in my carry on. It's so practical and makes your hair shiny and healthy in just 30 seconds! Since I'm always doing up-do's or getting hair done for festivals and fashion weeks, I always need the extra hydration.

What are your tips for capturing amazing Instagram-ready pics while on vacation?

When I'm on vacation I'm always chasing the light, which is essential to a good photo. Second is the background -- I love finding a beautiful landscape, architecture, or sunset backdrop wherever I am.

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Are there any trends you wish would go away?

When it comes to trends, I've learned to not knock it till you tried it! I like experimenting with new trends even if I'm unsure they'll look good on me, I like to surprise myself.

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Where or who do you find inspiration from when creating new content on your platforms?

I find inspiration everywhere, from social media and magazines to real people on the streets.

My followers also help me create new content. They inspire me and I'm always listening to them to deliver the type of content they want to see.

Fashion weeks are always a huge inspiration for me as well. I like taking runway trends and making them my own.

Traveling around the world is also a big inspiration, seeing all the different styles and cultures. I incorporate global inspiration when designing collections for my fashion brand, Camila Coelho.

What's next for you?

Right now, we are in the process of moving to L.A. and I'm so excited!

Coelho, a paid spokesperson, partnered with Pantene and Walgreens during Lollapalooza weekend.