When Beyoncé steps into the social media challenge arena, basically it's game over.

Queen Bey posted the #BeforeILetGoChallenge hashtag on her Instagram story Monday, along with a slew of videos from fans doing the dance.

What you need to know is her documentary "Homecoming," about her historic Coachella performance from last year, came out on Netflix late last week, along with a live album.

The live album, streaming now, features an additional song used in the credits of the doc, "Before I Let Go," which was originally sung by the band Maze in the 1980s.

"Before I Let Go," is so popular Alphonse Pierre quipped in Pitchfork it's close to being "the black national anthem."

With this significance in mind, fans took to social media to share their own dance to the song and show what Bey's cover meant to them.

Beyoncé, in turn, then shared some of their videos on her own social media platforms. This, of course, led to some amazing reactions as people absolutely could not believe Beyoncé saw their video.

One fan wrote, "Y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!! @beyonce just posted my #beforeiletgochallenge to her Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I’m dying.... brb."

Here are some other clips.

Some fans also got their moms in on the fun.

There are sure to be so many more amazing videos posted to social media and hopefully a few lucky individuals will continue to make it onto Beyoncé's page.