Britney Spears is assuring fans that she's doing "OK."

In a video posted to Instagram over the weekend, the pop star said she was "fine."

"Yes, I'm totally fine, I'm extremely happy," said Spears. "I have a beautiful home, beautiful children, I'm taking a break right now because I'm enjoying myself."

Spears also answered several burning questions from fans on everything from the meaning behind the red refrigerator she posted last month to if she gets dizzy from her spin moves.

"Yes, I get extremely dizzy but I'm a dancer so long as I have a focus point from my head as I turn -- as long as I keep finding that spot, usually in the end, it's not as bad," said Spears on dancing.

She also said she thought the red refrigerator was "vintage" and "just really cool," which was why she shared it on her Instagram page.

Since Spears' conservatorship battle with her father, Jamie Spears, was thrust into the spotlight, social media users and fans behind the #FreeBritney campaign have been searching for clues in the star's cryptic posts, and some firmly believe her social media activity is a cry for help.

In July 2020, when Spears posted a video of her in a yellow blouse, coming in and out of the frame, and looking to the side, one fan believed it was a sign the star needed help after one of Spears' followers told her in a previous comment to "wear yellow" in her next video.

"I don't know what satisfaction really means for these folks," said former People magazine editor Larry Hackett, now an ABC News contributor. "I think they will look at it and analyze it. They will read it like a ransom video. Like people [will] try to figure out what this means and what that means and why did she post her refrigerator? They will analyze it in that way that conspiracy theorists do."

"So to that extent, where it is new material to pour over, I think they will be satisfied. But I don't think a lot of people will be satisfied until she says 'come rescue me I'm being held against my will.' And I don't think that's going to come," Hackett added.

While many continue to believe Spears is trying to send fans a message with her Instagram posts, others are countering the speculation, telling people to "respect Britney."

"All of this speculation about her comes from a place of admiration and love and concern from her fans," said Hackett. "She's getting people who care about her. She might enjoy that, and she might not answer their questions and might find some of their questions mystifying. But if all seems to be generated from a place of true concern."