Thursday morning was an exciting one for Celine Dion fans!

The iconic singer revealed a music video for her new single “Imperfections” and it was everything we have come to expect from the showstopper.

In fact, she was as bold and empowering as ever, wiping off her makeup in the video to reveal her truth and strength.

The single is a first look at her upcoming album "Courage," out in November.

According to an official press release from her label, "'Imperfections' examines the lens of self-criticism," and her new album, the first English album in six years, will be "an exciting new creative direction for Celine. A mix of beautiful ballads and edgy up-tempo tracks."

In the video, filmed in black and white, Dion sings, "I've got my own imperfections."

She adds, "I've got my own set of scars to hide."

It's a very somber, yet empowering song from the legend. It also fits in line with the album as a whole as it's titled, "Courage."

Check it out above!