With the holidays right around the corner, some people just can't help but show off what they got their friends and family. Case in point: Kristen Bell.

She gave her "Frozen 2" co-star Josh Gad a present only he could fully appreciate.

"Greatest holiday gift ever," Gad wrote in an Instagram post, showing off the thoughtful present, which is a black hat with "Samantha?" written across in white.

For those who've seen "Frozen 2," the meaning behind the cap is obvious. However, for those out of the loop, Gad's character Olaf gets separated from the group during the movie and starts calling out for them. Midway through, the bumbling snowman yells out for a "Samantha" and quickly bursts out in laughter.

"I don't even KNOW a Samantha," Olaf wheezes before being teased by the supernatural forest via strong gusts of wind or objects comically falling in his path that causes him to fall onto his face.

The snowman quickly begins to grow paranoid and, finally, when a hole opens up in the ground before him, he leans in and says, "Samantha?"

The scene quickly became one of the most quoted parts of the film as fans began to wonder who Samantha really is and if she does exist.

As for Gad, he's thankful to have such a thoughtful friend and a stylish new addition to his wardrobe.

"Frozen 2" is out in theaters now.

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