As he looks ahead to Father's Day this weekend, Luke Bryan reflected on how he wouldn't be the person he is today without the traits he inherited from his dad, Tommy.

For example, the country star learned how to approach business by watching his dad. Now, he said, the attitude he inherited constantly serves him well.

"His navigation of business is always cordial and friendly with people," Bryan told ABC Audio and other reporters. "He was never one of those business guys that his route to business was to beat you down."

The "American Idol" judge said he admired that his dad always put people first -- even ahead of financial gain.

"He never wanted to see anybody else go broke or try to force them into something," he continued. "He was a really polite businessman. I feel like I try to do my business that way."

But not all the traits that the "Up" singer inherited from his dad are quite so magnanimous, adding that his dad also taught him to be fastidious about hobby gear.

"I mean, his boats look like they're in the Smithsonian," he joked. "If anybody goes and messes with his fishing tackle -- and I'm the same way. I've got my tackle gear and then the boys go in my tackle shed and just destroy it. Ugh, it makes fire come out of my ears."

There's one more quirk the father and son share.

"He's a friendly person, and he's big [and] loud," Bryan said. "So I got my big, loud voice from him."