"Obsessed" with the #WipeItDown challenge? Mariah Carey joined the TikTok craze to celebrate the anniversary of her 2009 diss track on Wednesday.

The #WipeItDown challenge features people cleaning a mirror to the beat of BMW Kenny's song "Wipe It Down," and, with each stroke of the cleaning rag, they change costume or character.

Carey did a special take on the trend, including references to the music video for her hit song from 2009, "Obsessed."

In the video, the singer dons a robe and a green face mask with her hair done up in rollers. As the song plays in the background, she eventually mouths, "And I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?" and, with a stroke of the rag, changes into one of her glam outfits -- a silver sequined dress and leather jacket.

Of course, her hair and makeup is all done up, too, and a fan off to the side is blowing her hair.

Then, with another wipe of the mirror, she transforms into the creepy bearded man that she played in the "Obsessed" music video. Carey continues to change between the two characters and adds her vocals to the BMW Kenny song, including in her signature whistle register, before the clip ends.

"Just for laughs... from last year's lockdown when all I did was wipe tings [sic] down," she captioned the humorous video.

"Obsessed," which was released June 16, 2009, was reportedly about the Grammy winner's spat with rapper Eminem and her way of shaking off rumors that the two were romantically linked in the past.

In the accompanying music video, it's widely believed the bearded man she plays is a parody of the "Lose Yourself" rapper.

"Obsessed" was the lead single off "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel," Carey's twelfth studio album.